Our company

Our company is specialized in construction and reparation of HM saw blades and other cutting tools since 1964.
Appreciated for our products top quality, we continued to invest in the best raw materials and up-to-date machineries.
Thanks to our long-time business, we gained large experience in solving our customers cutting issues.
Nowadays our products are selled for the markets all over the world.

Blades of all sizes

We work closely with you to design tools according to your specific cutting demand.
We produce HM saw blades from diameter minimum of 30 mm to maximum of 2200 mm, from thickness minimum of 1 mm to maximum of 15 mm.

Our services
  • Technical consultancy
  • Re-sharpening and repairing of tools
  • Change of geometries and cutting angles
  • Modification of centre bore and pin-holes
  • Post-production execution of laser silent expansion slots with soundproofing material
  • Laser cutting
  • Straightening of every kind of parts

HM circular saw blades
  • Design and production of the body: Everything comes from the most varied needs of our customers and a detailed study of the specific material to be cut. The production starts from the laser cutting of steel (hot or cold laminated) and the following technical thermic treatment to maintain its mechanical and physical characteristics. After that, we do operations of tensioning and straightening with the aim of improve steel's qualities in terms of rigidity and flatness of the tool, eventually with manual hammerings. It is subsequently performed a qualitative control and a processing on the outside profile to guarantee the dimensional detailes of the same, in order to facilitate the production process. For brazing, we choose hard metal tips (with the right mix of tungsten carbide and cobalt) according to the characteristics of the materials to be cut, welded to the blade's body thanks to the use of the tri-metal alloy and the fully automated machines, which guarantee a stress-resistant and long-lasting fixing.   
  • Tool sharpening: The most important part of the entire production is performed by up-to-date CNC machines, which are controlled by our technicians. After the choice of the cutting geometries* and the optimal angles, and thanks to the use of fine grain's diamond grinding wheels, we obtain blades with extremely low roughness in order to maintain a fine cutting edge which will have a longer life.
  • Final phase and quality control: The final phase of each single blade's production consists in all those finishing operations between sharpening and packaging, to guarantee a perfect running, such as:
    • Body polishing with abrasive wheels
    • Filling of the laser silent espansion slots with soundproofing material (if required)
    • Control of all processed surfaces and constructive tolerances using an optical instrument
    • Corrective balancing and eventual precision straightening with hammer (if necessary)
    At the end we proceed with the packaging in anti-collision system boxes (neutral or characterized by our logo).