First wood processing

HM circular saw blades for the first wood processing
For transversal or longitudinal cutting of logs, beams, blocks, boards, timber, etc.
Soft wood Hard wood
Pine Walnut-tree
Fir Chestnut-tree
Larch Beech
Birch etc.

In case of hard wood, the difference between body blade and cutting thickness will be increased, avoiding the body blade kneading.

Body blade steel
Steels used for the construction of the body blade are hot or cold rolled. They are divided into three categories:
  • 80CrV2: for heavy duty uses with strong stress
  • 50CrV4: for medium / high applications
  • 75Cr1: for standard applications
Hard metal tips
The choice of high quality carbide, to be used for cutting various materials, is directed towards various types of quality of micro / fine / medium grain inserts, to ensure greater durability of the circular saw blade, greater resistance to shocks and minimum wear of the tooth.

Cutting thickness is increased and radial and tangential angles are accentuated to have a better penetration and a greater dumping of the chip, avoiding the lateral kneading of the body blade.

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