Second wood processing and plastic materials

HM circular blades for second wood processing and plastic materials cutting
For the longitudinal or transversal cutting of:
  • slats
  • profiles
  • medium-solid sections
  • beams
  • panels
  • plates and sheets, etc.
Soft wood Hard wood
Pine Walnut-tree
Fir Chestnut-tree
Larch Beech
Birch etc.

In case of hard wood, it will be increased the thickness of the body blades, according to the cutting tip's thickness (to prevent blade's obstruction).

Plastic materials
Polyethylene HDPE, LDPE
Thermoplastic polymers PET, PVC, PP, NYLON, ACRYLIC RESINS

Cutting of plastic materials has similar parameters such as used for wood processing, except for more accentuated angles and cutting geometries, due to the thermal softening point of the plastic material (it must pass through a rapid sequence of mechanical-plastic deformation).

Body blade steel
Steel used for the construction of the body blades is hot or cold rolled. 
There are two main categories:
  • 80CrV2: for medium / high applications with high stress
  • 75Cr1: for standard applications
The choice of high quality carbide, to be used for cutting different materials, is directed towards various types of quality of micro / fine / medium grain inserts, to ensure greater durability of the circular saw blade, greater resistance to shocks and limited wear of the tooth.

According to the density of the material to be cut and its thickness (section), we apply different cutting angles with alternate or trapezoidal-flat geometries, groups of four or five teeth.
Radial and  tangentials angles are provided to further enhance the wear resistance of the tool.

Plastic materials cutting can be done with diamond inserts in PCD (polycrystalline) and some specific applications with electro-depositated diamond support.

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